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My excellent wife Merle wanted a promo piece to get her illustrations under the nose of the periodical power players and publishers who would dig her style.



I was given the opportunity to create a brand for a petroleum company that was willing to honour the source of it’s product. It serves an industry of liquid and metal, but living matter is the true heart of oil.



As a younger brother, I grew up under the shadow of the top bunk. Now my own kids sleep in a bunk bed and I want to make their, and your, bottom bunk worth fighting for.



McCann were looking to renovate the way Nespresso advertised it’s blends. In light of rising competition, they needed to say we are the industry leaders.



The world of gambling was missing a brand with bite. A brand with passion.


The sum of me

Recruitment agencies have played a big part in my career but this promotional piece allows me to get on the radar of the creative agencies I particularly admire.


London Calling

Landor London has a generous mix of nationalities. London Calling was our way of showing our mutual appreciation for the strangest parts of our city.


Times Gin launch campaign

Mixing international flavours with international news seemed like a good idea but I'm not sure how productive the paper was after its launch.

The Sunday Times


With a new, faster, easier to use website in their pocket, The Sunday Times wanted a packshot to sell it. Fortunately they bought into a more interesting campaign than the one originally requested.

The Sunday Times

Tablet edition

This was Simon Davenport's concept. I was brought in last minute to art direct.

Sherwood Interim Management


The logo was designed to show the alchemy of turning lead into gold, which is essentially the role of an interim manager.


Believe in better awards

A call for entries campaign for one of the many awards initiatives put on by Sky, to reward employees who have gone beyond what's expected of them, and so benefit of the company.

The Sunday Times

The art of dining

Just one of the countless food promotions the paper feeds the nation.


Britain & Irelands Next Top Model

The hunt was the idea that fed the off-air, digital and the on-air promotion for the 7th series of Britain & Irelands Next Top Model. It came with a fashion twist.

The Drum


Not sure I deserve it more than other brilliant creatives in the UK but I'm one of The Drum's top 100 Designerati. Monkey must have made a Shakespeare.

News UK

Graduate brochure

The graduate brochure is designed to attract the brightest new talent by showing the News group has a lot more going for it than simply the newspapers.

The Sun

True Crime

The concept for the True Crime campaign came from the lovely interns working at CHI. As they were relatively fresh, I was asked to Art Direct the shoot with them so I played daddy.


Got to Dance

All four judges were arranged to appear as one solid unit but with individual poses specific to their dancing style (or just simply damn hot for Davina). The brief was to draw attention to the new judge, Aston from JLS.


Made in Bunch

Bunch asked creatives around the world to make a range of characters based on their logo. This came together under the theme Made in Bunch and then published in their book Bastardised.


Consideration campaign

A series of ads designed to inform the major power base in Britain of the positive influence Sky has had on the country.


Failed projects

I wanted a place for projects I liked but ultimately failed to become.



A series of Christmas cards printed using a nearly extinct Gocco printer.

News UK

ADWEEK Superpano

The Unquiet Film series from The Times covers some hard hitting stories. Using the harrowing trial of Anthony Loyd and Jack Hill, to promote the Superpano as a format worthy of investment, was guaranteed to keep the reader's attention.


Katie TV

The unstoppable Katie Price launched on Sky Living with a program designed to break down preconceptions and show her as the successful business woman she actually is.

Philippe Starck

Hotel concepts

A Philippe Starck hotel deserves attention to detail in even the traditionally mundane items that surround you on your stay.



An old camera, some designers and a rarely bright summers day made for a poster set.


Amazon exhibition book

Somerset House hosted the Sky Rainforest Rescue exhibition which showcased the work of Sebastiao Salgado and Per-Anders Pettersson. The book was designed to accompany the exhibition.

Ipsen Getranke


The logo for this German alcoholic drinks distribution company was loosely based on a bottle opener.



We were asked to run with existing assets for the Spy campaign due to very tight deadlines, but we pitched an idea that offered a lot more engagement and narrative with the promise it could be shot in time.



Our department started a newspaper to promote ourselves and as an escape from the restrictions Sky. The brief was simple, do whatever you want. Your inspiration? The humble Biro.


IPA Book

BMB is one of the nicest agencies I've had the privilege to freelance for. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to design a book to showcase their incredible culture.


Katie Press

To accompany the Katie TV promo, 48 sheets and press ads were shot to push the lady on a public going through drastic reality TV withdrawal symptoms.

Mischcon de Reya

Promotional gift

This premier law firm holds an impressive gallery of art within their head office which led to an idea. Give their most premium customers a collectors piece with 10 prints from young artists destined for greatness.


Welcome pack

Buying a Mercedes-Benz doesn't mean you can walk out of the showroom with your purchase. This welcome pack gets posted out, while you wait, to start the new affair with your Mercedes-Benz.


Private banking brochures

A suite of three private banking brochures was created to launch the literature style of the newly re-branded Kaupthing Bank. They set the standard for the rest of the banks literature.



The Rankin street exhibition was the first in a series of Sky Arts installations to hit Tottenham Court Road.


B-Class launch

A series of lifestyle shots taken for the online launch of the Mercedes-Benz
B-Class to define the target market.

Efuah Boney

Promotional leaflet

Balancing body and spirit is at the heart of Pilates. This idea led the creative for the promotional leaflet for Efuah Bonney's Pilates studio.

Sky Media

Channel Explorer

Making sense of where to place your media on Sky is made easy with the channel explorer.

Sky 3D


It's not every day you get to work with Sir David Attenborough who gave you the planet and everything that lives on it. What a legend.



The redundant phono socket nagged away at me while working on concepts for JBL. Although it wasn’t to the brief it became the richest territory for entertainment.

Wire Sky

Promotional board

To get people's attention at the South West Design Exhibition, we decided to go phallic. It clearly stood out against the more traditional portfolios most of the other agencies put on display.



Why waste energy hunting for food when your food can come to you?


Moone boy

Spy and Moone Boy launched at the same time and were the first of a new style of posters to use symbolism as a means to explain the theme of the show.


Parkinson: Masterclass

Sir Parkinson is a classic and genuinely lovely to work with. His move to Sky Arts was celebrated with a campaign that gave a British legend a modern twist.

The Sun

Man V Fly

The Sun is nuts. They created an online show of minor celebrities going head-to-head with a fly. Slightly one-sided you may think but there's always the hope one of the celebrities may catch a tropical disease, which will make the world a richer and safer place to live.


B-Class launch

For Mercedes-Benz, the B-Class is the most versatile car in their range aimed at a younger, less affluent market. These images were used in the promotional material in the build up to the launch.

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